Jan Comeau

I am honoring my truest personal passion. Like so many others, for many years, as I was simultaneously raising my children and intermittently working in corporate positions, my most personal dream was to write.

My children are now older, reasonably independent and in fact supportive of my creative life. I am in a loving partnership with a man who believes in me, so much that he doesn’t even mind that he is often source material for my male characters. I have surrounded myself with kind and supportive friends who along with my family encourage me to pursue my dream.

I believe documenting my story is a truly noble pursuit. As a reader, I have learned so much about life and relationships through story. It is an ideal vehicle for sharing an author’s perspective that can in turn change a reader’s perspective.

At this time in history, I believe that women’s stories are more relevant than ever. And, so I have begun.

I have written several full-length screenplays, one of which my producing partner Will Tully at CT Global Productions and I are raising capital to produce, several television pilots, and essays.

A really fun project I'm also producing is “Jan & Jen: Around the World LA,” which my friend Jennifer and I created. This project was born of our mutual love of varied cultural experiences as well as our mutual distaste for the disparaging of other cultures which sadly is part of the political rhetoric of these times. Here’s a fresh take and how we see the world, through flower-rimmed glasses!single stem flower

All my best

~ Jan